Our book publishing package allows us to render a comprehensive publishing assistance to you in the process of getting your book out there. You have done your work as an author, now let us handle the rest for you. We’ll provide you all services that goes into turning your manuscript into a book.

When publishing with us, an ISBN number will be assigned to your book so your book don’t get lost in the crowd. ISBN numbers are used by book sellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributors to identify your book.

We will clean up and format your manuscript so it meets the publishing standard of any publishing platform you may like to use to distribute your books. Upon agreement, we will also edit your book based on the various editing standards available in the market.

We will also design the interior of your book and develop a book cover concept based on the theme of your book or the cover concept you may have in mind. In today’s fast paced world your book cover needs to convey your message to your potential readers in a single glance. It needs to be able to steal your reader’s attention without spilling the beans on the entire content of your book.


As a thought leader, coach, entrepreneur, business person, pastor etc. writing a book may have been on your to-do-list for quite some time now but finding the time to get it done has always been the issue. You in fact spend countless number of hours writing, preparing and pouring your heart into your posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and every other platform as available to you, however finding the time to develop those ideas into a book is the issue. The time is never available, thus the need for a ghostwriter.

The job of a ghostwriter is to help you put together and expand those ideas using words that are most suited to the topic being discussed in such a way that the ghostwriter drives home the point for you as the author and communicates clearly your intentions and ideas to your reader.

At Quiver Publishers, we understand the need for staying true to the message and the overall concept of your book thus our team of expert ghostwriters use the following ghostwriting process to ensure your ideas are properly captured.

1) Our ghostwriters collaborates with you to get the book’s general idea, determine the audience for your book, and then create an outline that best suits that type of book.

2) Our ghostwriters requests and collects any written or recorded materials like lecture notes, speeches, sermons, social media post etc. that you may have that is related to the subject being written on so as to aid the ghostwriting process.

3) A face to face interview is scheduled between you and our ghostwriter and if not possible at the moment because of distance, an interview between you and the ghostwriter is scheduled over skype or any other convenient communication platform to get your original thoughts on various topics in the outline.

4) Our ghostwriter conduct deep research on various topics in the book, transcribe interviews, and arrange the transcribed message into chapters and sub-topics to develop the first draft.

5) Our ghostwriters will thoroughly edit, rearrange and rewrite portions of the manuscript so it reads like a fluid, concise, powerful book.

6) Our editors will format the book’s interior to size and design the book cover to your taste.

7) Subject to your approval and satisfaction on the final material, we publish and distribute via Amazon.

*** Option 6 and 7 is only available when you enter into a publishing deal with us as well.

Our ghostwriters are professional writers who write books for other people for a fee and do not have or demand any claims or rights on the book and will not have their names appear on the work. This is to say that our ghostwriters do not demand royalties from the sales of your book.


Our team of highly skilled editors are always on hand to ensure that your manuscript, no matter how rough is turned into refined “gold” after going through our time tested professional editing process. When editing your manuscript, our editors are big on this three key things consistency and correctness of text, visual readability and then content and structure of your manuscript.

At Quiver Publishers we pride ourselves as one of the best book editing companies you will find online. The following are some of the book editing services we offer at Quiver Publishers:

Rewriting. Here our team of editors create a new manuscript or parts of a manuscript on the basis of content and research supplied by author. This editing service does not include the following unless specified:
• Research • writing original material

Structural Editing. Here, our editors clarify or reorganize a manuscript for content and structure. This editing service does not include the following unless specified:
• Research • writing original material
Note: Changes will be suggested using a duplicate electronic copy of your manuscript and when/if accepted will be transferred to the original manuscript.

Copy Editing. Editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style; checking for consistency; clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language includes incorporating author’s responses to queries and checking the input thereof. Does not include the following unless specified:
• providing or changing system of citations • formatting

Proofreading. Checking proofs of formatted, edited material for adherence to design and for minor, mechanical errors in copy such as spelling mistakes. Does not include the following unless specified:
• incorporating or exercising discretion on author’s alterations
• Copy fitting
• checking accuracy of running heads, folios • inserting or checking page numbers to contents and page references
• checking page breaks


Under our book distribution plan, we promote and distribute books (eBook and paperback) worldwide using several online channels with the sole aim of exposing you to millions of potential buyers and increasing your chances of sales.

Paperback Distribution

We will distribute and capture the global paperback book market by including your book in the catalogue of the biggest online stores such as: (U.S.A.) — (Canada) — (U.K.) (Germany) — (France) — (Spain) (Italy)


There is also the print on demand arrangement with Amazon, where Amazon allows us send them an electronic version of your book formatted to their specification. So that anyone who wants a paperback copy of your book, will simply order from their site and they will print the book and have it delivered to that person. You will simply receive a royalty for each book sold with no hassles on your side.


e-Book Distribution: We will convert your book to an e-book and make it available for sale on Kindle (Amazon’s e-book platform). This reaches a worldwide market: (U.S.A.) — (U.K.) — (India) (Germany) — (France) — (Spain) (Italy) — (Japan) — (Brazil) (Canada) — (Netherlands) — (Mexico) (Australia)


Your books will be available for purchase on Kindle devices, Kindle Cloud Reader, and on Kindle applications for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Android-based devices, and Windows Phone 7.

Based on a special arrangement, we will also upload your book as an e-book to the world’s largest distributor of independent/self-publishers' e-books.

Your book will be distributed to major online retailers.  Notable retailers in the Smashwords distribution network include Apple (operates iBooks stores in 51 countries), Barnes & Noble (US and UK), Scribd, Oyster, Kobo, Yuzu, Blio and Inktera (formerly Page Foundry).  Our industry-leading library distribution reaches Overdrive (world's largest library ebook platform serving over 34 000 libraries, also schools and retailers), Baker & Taylor Axis 360, Gardners (Askews & Holts and Browns Books for Students), and Odilo (2,100 public libraries in North America, South America and Europe).  And many more.


You have taken the time to work on your manuscript, spending countless number of hours pouring your heart into your work, now let Quiver Publishers take the care of the book cover design and interior for you. With several years of experience in designing book covers and formatting interior independent authors, Quiver Publishers is your best bet when it comes to giving your book the great look it deserves.


Thinking about all that goes into writing and publishing a book can be so overwhelming, that you simply loose your confidence each time you fiddle with the idea. There’s the brainstorming, the outlining, writing, editing, formatting, interior design, cover creating, publishing, marketing etc. and thinking about these cripples and prevents you from typing a word on your computer and from turning that profitable God-given idea into a book that will be beneficial to others.

The truth is, writing a book is a skill that requires time and diligence to be developed and having to juggle between work, running a business, family and every other things that comes with being an entrepreneur, a husband, wife or parent leaves you no room to develop that skill. A person can be an excellent business person, public speaker or even story teller but may not have the skill to put them into writing. This is not to say you aren’t capable of getting it done or learning to do so but that even the most passionate of all people cannot do everything at once thus the need for a book writing coach to help keep us on track.

At Quiver Publishers our book coaching service allows a professional book writing coach to journey alongside you encouraging you as you develop your ideas and turn them into a book.
Our book writing coach will:
 Fine tune your ideas so it becomes a marketable and profitable one
 Provide you guidelines on how to write your books
 Develop a schedule that will help you keep on track
 Push you over any writer’s block you may encounter
 Ensure that you complete your book within record time

At Quiver Publishers every idea is a valid idea and with our book writing coach by your side, you’re bound to have the first draft of your manuscript in no time.

P.S. Coaching Sessions can be scheduled via phone, e-mail, texting, skype or chat, or any other method you may prefer.

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