“And God hath set some … first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gift of healing, helps, government, diversities of tongues”.

Paul of Tarsus

Quiver Publishers is a full service ghostwriting and self-publishing company established on the truth that we all have been called into various aspects of service in life and discovering and sticking to that area of service is what makes us stand out from the crowd.


At Quiver publishers, God has given us the gift of helps, so that we are in business to help ministers, thoughts leaders, business owners, CEO’s and just about anybody who has an interest in writing or publishing their works achieve their goals of becoming a published author without having to worry about the intricate details that goes into ghostwriting or publishing a book.


With over 15 years combined experience in the ghostwriting and book publishing industry, Quiver Publishers is a one-stop shop for anything ghostwriting and book publishing. We are in the business of providing full ghostwriting support to anyone who may have great book ideas but don’t have the time to put them to words, or thought leaders, coaches and business owners who may have sermons, training notes or business models that they know could benefit others but don’t have the time to convert them into book.


It is our believe at Quiver Publishers that a book ghostwritten is by far better than an idea lying fallow in your head, or that sermon gathering up dust in your shelf rather than be out there in the form of book helping people you may never be able to reach. Books go to places you may never be able to go to physically in your lifetime.


Did you know that ghostwriting has been practiced even as far back as the bible days? Did you also know that even the apostle Paul engaged the services of a “ghost writer” in writing the book of Romans? Romans 16:22 indicates that Tertius acted as an amanuensis to Apostle Paul in writing that letter to the Romans. In other words, he wrote the words in a letter while the Apostle Paul dictated them to him.


God has given you that book idea, Let Quiver Publishers, a full service ghostwriting and self-publishing company be your “amanuensis” and help put down the words in the pages a professionally published book.

Principal Officers

Samuel C. Clifford, President and Managing Editor.

Chinenye Nwokedi, Head Content and Ghostwriting Services.

Emmanuel Mgbodille, Head, Business Development and Strategic Planning.

Precious Oghenevo, Head, Admin and Finance.

Chukwuemeka Mbah, Legal Consultant.